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Tech Transfer Audit

It’s not unusual for federal laboratories to experience a disconnect between an agency’s mission and the integration of tech transfer policies and the commercialization of pivotal mission technologies. The Tech Transfer audit examines the extent to which personnel are aware of your organization’s Tech Transfer policies; if they are developing commercialization plans as required; and/or engaging in effective partnership development to support the agency mission. The goal of the audit is to independently assess the integration of your tech transfer and commercialization resources and suggest methods to enhance your outcome objectives.

Best model for return on investment

Once you have segmented your patent and technology portfolio, the challenge becomes how to realize a return on investment. Do you license the technology to a system integrator who can later provide a key component for an agency’s mission? Do you spin off a venture and invest in a new team to realize the opportunity? There are a variety of options to consider, based on your overall mission.

Segment your patent portfolio

Not all patents are of equivalent value and a portfolio can be segmented into four groups: (1) High value seminal, pioneering, and technology leapfrog innovations, (2) Best in class, (3) Incremental inventions, and (4) Little to no value. Using patent portfolio analysis techniques combined with an understanding of an organization’s mission, a portfolio can be sorted into segments – so that you can focus on those high value opportunities in your patent portfolio. Using various tools, patents are analyzed by strengths; mapped to agency missions as well as industries, patents and companies.

Licensee Analysis

If you decide to license-out your technology, the next step is to identify potential licensees. A portfolio landscape analysis is initially conducted to identify the most likely candidates and an in-depth analysis conducted of the strategic direction, strengths and weaknesses of potential licensees. This sets the stage for the last service – deal making.

Commercialization Planning

A commercialization plan highlights where a technology fits within a supply chain; identifies the size of the opportunity; and potential partners with whom relationships should be nurtured. Early identification of potential commercial partners and the leveraging advantage a technology may bring, helps accelerate the rate of technology adoption.

Making the Deal

Our team of seasoned professionals – has extensive experience in both licensing negotiations and venture creation. These relationships are brought to bear to move your intellectual property assets from the lab to a commercial partner and/or investor and complete the tech transfer process.

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